Zero OSHA Recordable Injuries Recognized at Bayport’s Quarterly Town Hall

11/07/16 – Over the last twelve months, the Bayport team achieved zero OSHA (Occupational, Safety and Health Administration) recordable injuries. This accomplishment was recognized at the Bayport’s fourth quarter Town Hall last Tuesday, when the team celebrated the safety mark while plant and corporate leadership reviewed the company’s performance.

Steve Lindley thanked and congratulated all employees on the achievement in a letter and with a gift that was presented to every Bayport team member. “This is a great accomplishment and one for which you should be proud,” he wrote. “It is certainly very important to me and to the Senior Management Team at Athlon Solutions that all of our employees arrive home safely at the end of each day.”

Bayport_Town_hall110216Clint Johnson, HSE Director, congratulated all employees and stated the safety achievement is a testament to the excellent safety culture at Bayport and the company as a whole.

Scott Churbock with Montrose Environmental was the event’s guest speaker. He told Bayport employees to build on the success of going incident free for one-year and talked about how behavioral safety aspects can impact safe-work behaviors. He also reinforced continued use of the Athlon Solutions tools to report hazards and near misses so actions can be taken to reduce incident potential.