Make Water Treatment an Investment

We have a proven history of working with customers to identify, deliver and document process improvements and cost avoidance. Athlon Solutions is redefining water treatment – turning what has traditionally been viewed as an expense into an investment.

Our approach is to provide you with a team of experienced field representatives, project engineers and technical subject matter experts who are accountable for improved reliability, process optimization and value delivery. We manage your water with skill and a complete understanding of everything the water touches, which allows us to work with you to identify areas where we can deliver additional value.

Gain Additional ROI
Our solutions, whether they are specialty chemicals, an engineered approach, a novel application or a combination, are designed to improve throughput and reliability, while helping you maximize profitability.

In addition, we have helped several customers gain millions of dollars annually in additional return on investment (ROI) by identifying and delivering value improvement projects. In fact, many of our customers know the value they gain stacks up favorably against their specialty chemical spend.

Let us help you uncover additional ROI through projects that:

Improve equipment reliability
Minimize operational upsets
Avoid or reduce costs
Save on third-party spend
Improve revenue and profitability
Reduce working capital inefficiencies
Recover capital
And much more

Areas of Value Delivery 
Here’s a sampling of key areas where we have recently delivered value for customers:

Avoided unit outage via CT hydraulic balancing
Heat transfer monitoring and optimization
Refinery-wide condensate studies
ASTU belt press polymer upgrade
BIO land farm geothermal bags dewatering
Installation of polymer consolidation sludge polymer mixing system at an effluent plant
Effluent plant antifoam and polymer equipment upgrades
Effluent plant peroxide addition
Effluent plant total system consultation and tank processing assessment
Phosphate feed optimization
Polymer upgrade at a T-Unit
Reservoir clarifier polymer upgrades
Service optimization
Utilities clarifier effluent pH control

Start a Value Improvement Project with Us
We will work with you to identify value improvement projects and track progression through to success, ultimately quantifying what it means to your bottom line. We achieve this through an agreed upon process and tracking tool that identifies the project, forecasts the value and documents the actual value for sign-off and reporting.

To learn more, contact us at info@athlonsolutions.comor (713) 457-2261.