Safety is a Core Value at Athlon, a Halliburton Service. Our number one priority, before anything else, is that we work safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. Our culture values safety not only at work, but also at home and play.

Our Commitment

Athlon, a Halliburton Service is committed to Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment (HSSE). Our proof points are in our values, policies, goals, and our HSSE record.

Being safe and helping others to be safe strengthens our respect and care for the people we work with. Safe, responsible, management of chemicals and operations shows respect to our employees, our customers, our vendors, and the communities we operate in.

Our Eleven Critical Works Safe Practices align with our customers’ safety processes, practices, and expectations.

Our Safety Culture

We have a goal of zero incidents ─ always

We believe injuries, occupational illnesses, uncontrolled releases of chemicals, and process safety incidents are preventable

We empower our employees with Stop Work Authority when safety, security, regulatory, or environmental standards are believed to be compromised

We provide resources, processes, facilities, standards, training, discipline, and culture to assure we are a good steward of the environment

We provide a safe work environment for all employees

We incorporate applicable safety and environmental practices in the communities we operate in

We provide safe, competitive products and services for our customers

We protect stakeholder assets