We have a long history of delivering results to refineries of all sizes. Whether it is in the United States or around the world, our team has successfully helped refiners with their water and process treating challenges.

Complex Water Systems & Largest Refinery Experience
We currently treat some of the most complex water systems in the United States, including waste water. Our services ensure equipment reliability, plant optimization, and a low (or no) capital cost solution, which starts with a mechanical, operational, and chemical assessment. On the process side, we have extensive and successful experience treating diluted bitumen, conventional crude, tight oil crude, and heavy oil blends, including some of the world’s most challenging crudes from Venezuela and Canada.

Our Approach Starts with a System Audit
We start by conducting systems audits and analyses, which include analyzing water and refinery process streams. This system assessment is performed by skilled on-site service specialists, field engineers, and subject matter experts, who evaluate what mechanical, operational, and chemical changes are needed to improve your production and equipment reliability.

Process Treatment
Advanced crude overhead computer modeling

Complete finished fuel additive product line
Crude and HDS preheat exchanger antifoulants
Crude characterization, compatibility and fouling rig studies
Crude and coker furnace treatment and monitoring
Desalter and crude tankage emulsion breakers
Desalter salt balance and hydrolysis calculations
Heat exchanger monitoring and optimization
High-temperature napthenic acid inhibitors
Industry benchmarking and system capabilities analysis
Low salt deposition, custom blended neutralizing amines
Real-time corrosion monitoring and data collection
Slop treatment and solids management
Thermography studies
Unique low pH crude overhead filming amine technology

Water Treatment
Boiler water pretreatment including demineralizers, reverse osmosis, softeners
Boiler water treatment
Cooling water treatment
Detailed wet chemistry analysis by IC and ICP
Energy conservations and efficiency improvement programs
Equipment failure analysis by XRFs and SEM
Equipment performance monitoring/efficiency evaluations
Equipment reliability monitoring and improvement
Influent water clarification and filtration
Process Leak detection monitoring
Steam/Condensate treatment
Waste water treatment

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