Power & Utilities

Proven Services to Deliver Operational Reliability
We understand effective water treating is critical to power and utility operations. We also understand that a one-size-fits-all treatment programs don’t always work. We offer a full suite of practical services backed by an extensive base of cross-industry, treating experience that results in the right solution specific to your system – whether it is customized chemistry, innovative application, an engineered solution, or a combination.

Full Assessment Drives the Right Solution
Our power and utilities programs are based on a complete ground-up engineering assessment of your equipment, local water, and operating envelope. This allows us to work with you to implement the right chemistry and then implement control and service programs to ensure operational reliability – all the time.

Complete Services

Automation Ion Exchange & Reverse Osmosis
Closed Loop Processes Laboratory Capabilities
Conventional Operating Units Open Recirculation
Cooling Water Chemistry Once Through
Engineering Services Steam Cycle Chemistry
Fuel Handling Programs Waste Treatment
Heat Recovery Steam Generators BFW Pretreatment
High Pressure Boilers

Key Engineering Services

Amine Distribution Studies Elution Studies
Chemical Balancing Exchanger Cleaning Recommendations
Cooling Tower Performance Testing & Improvements Expansion Planning & Optimization
Cooling Water Flow Balancing General Equipment Modification Recommendations
Cooling Water Flow Surveys Heat Exchanger Performance Monitoring
Custom Blend Capabilities Heat Exchanger Profiles
Deaerator Mechanical/Chemical Studies (Performance Monitoring) Online Steam Drum Carryover Studies (Sodium Monitoring)
Dedicated Engineering Support Operation Curve Development with Resin Testing

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