Evonik-brand-mark-Deep-Purple-RGB (004)We have teamed up with Evonik Industries (press release) to be a full water and process treatment solutions provider. They complement our water and process treating capabilities with a globally-proven product line and technical support network.

Drive Performance with Our Products & Programs
Our products and applications are innovative and proven to meet complex, petrochemical challenges such as corrosion, fouling, coke formation, and much more. From implementation to optimization, our products are supported by a service-focused program to ensure we implement solutions that are cost-efficient and fit-for-purpose.

Our Program
We begin by understanding your needs and challenges. We listen to you to develop a customized program that integrates process design, equipment, operating conditions, and current performance. Our approach is to partner with you. Together we identify solutions that ensure your operations are efficient, consistent, profitable, and comply with HSE standards. Regular review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your team ensures we meet your expectations.

Customized Solutions
We provide the right solution for your operations. If a customized solution is required, one will be delivered.

Recently our project engineering and technical support teams worked with a customer to develop a coke retardant for their ethylene furnaces. See Case History here.

When to Engage Us

Design & Commissioning Start-Up Transitioning
Optimization Steady-State Troubleshooting

Areas of Expertise

Amine & Caustic Units Dilution Steam Systems Light End Units
Boiling Water Systems EDC/VCM Plants Process Gas Compressors
Butadiene Plants Ethylene Plants Styrene Plants
Cooling Towers Influent Clarification Waste Water Systems
Cracking Furnaces Isoprene Plants

Technology Areas 

Antifoulants Defoamers Polymers
Biocides Dispersants Stabilizers
Corrosion Inhibitors Emulsion Breakers
Customized Solutions Neutralizers

To learn more about our capabilities and team, contact us.
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