Houston Corpus Territory Achieves Safety Milestone

Six Years Straight without a Recordable Safety Incident

03/9/17 – Feb. 27 marked 100,000 safe work hours for the Houston Corpus Territory.
The safe work streak started in early 2011, when the team consisted of five people. This is a remarkable accomplishment, considering the size of the team, which is currently 11 strong and has been as high as 12 over the period.

“I’m very proud of the team,” said Doug Meyne, Territory Manager. “The team is putting safety first, and this milestone proves it.”

Meyne said not only are the guys taking care of themselves and the people they work with, they are also sending a great safe work message to their customers and the market.

Congratulations to Meyne, Jeff Babatsky, Lawrence Creeks, Marty Thompson, Daryl Manning, Chris Shotwell, Larry Kirkland, Robert Arnold, Austin Bowden, and all the past team members who have helped achieved this major success.