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Athlon, a Halliburton Service is one of the fastest growing custom manufacturers and tollers of specialty chemicals in the country. The strategic locations of our world-class manufacturing facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast (in the heart of the ‘Petrochemical Corridor’) combined with our knowledgeable and dedicated workforce allow us to help get your products to market quickly and efficiently.

Our team of engineers, chemists, and operators are experienced at processing a variety of custom flammable blends, as well as developing and processing sophisticated, multi-step reactions, including Ethylene and Propylene Oxide chemistries.

Our Manufacturing Services

Acylation Amidation Cyclization Phosphation
Alkoxylation Benzylation Esterification Polymerization
Alkylation Blending Etherification Quaternization
Alkylphenols Condensation Imidazolines Saponification

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

EO/PO Full Technical Support Overhead Scrubbing
Pilot Plant (5 gal, 55 gal) High Temperature Pressure Filtration
Extensive Bulk Storage Facilities ISO 9001 Rail Spur
Full QC Laboratory Large Warehouse Recycle Heat Exchanger
Full Range of Packaging Moderate Pressure Storage of Flammables
Glass Lined Vessels: 316SS, 304SS Overhead Condensation

Industries We Serve

Adhesives/Sealants/Resins Paints/Coatings Soaps/Detergents
Agriculture/Crop Protection Flavors/Fragrances Water Treatment
Mining/Mineral Processing Plastics/Composites Pulp/Paper
Cosmetics/Personal Care Textiles/Dyes/Inks Electronics
Polymers/Monomers Fuels/Lubricants Oilfield

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