Case Studies

To demonstrate what we can do for your business, review some of our key case histories.

Process and Water
H013144 – Chemistry Reduces Fouling
H013145 – Chloride Salt Control (CSC Crude Unit)
H013146 – Custom Emulsion Breaker
H013147 – Desalter Continuous Improvement
H013148 – Gulf Coast Asphalt Terminal Controls H2S
H013149 – Refinery Metal Reduction Process Improvement
H013150 – Non-Nitrogen H2S Scavenger (RPA-853)
H013151 – Overhead Filming Amine (RPA-617)
H013153 – Sludge Dewatering Optimization

H013159 – Ethylene Furnace Antifoulant (PPA-321)
SiYPro Butadiene Plant C3 Column Antifoulant (E640)
SiYPro Butadiene Solvent Purification Section (E640)
SiYPro Ethylene Dichloride Light End Program (S275)
SiYPro Ethylene Plant Caustic Tower (E242)
SiYPro Light Ends Treatment (E640)