01/01/2020 Running Out of Steam by Stan Barskov and Andrew Greene
(Hydrocarbon Engineering)


09/01/2019 – Minimise Fouling, Maximise Profits by Stan Barskov and Ethan Stewart
(Hydrocarbon Engineering)

06/01/2019 – Back to Desalter Basics by Fred Brown
(Hydrocarbon Engineering)

01/01/2019 Keep Oil in the Unit by Troy Davis
(Hydrocarbon Engineering)


09/01/2018 – Human Interaction: The Key to Automation by Ron Byrd and Kevin Solomon
(Hydrocarbon Enigeering)
04/01/2018 – Creative MDEA Reclamation Avoids Downtime by Richard Pearson
(World Fertilizer)
02/28/2018 – 10/12 Industry Report Spotlight
(10/12 Industry Report)
02/01/2018 – Standing Guard Against UAN Corrosion
(World Fertilizer)