Chloride Salt Control (CSC)

Improve Reliability & Profitability

We know refiners want to improve throughput and reliability. Doing so boosts profitability. Chloride salts create challenges in many refinery units, which limits the ability to achieve your operational goals.

Our product suite includes patented technology to stop chloride salt corrosion and fouling in refinery process streams. With CSC, you can extend run lengths between exchanger cleanings, and lower overhead temperatures to gain operating flexibility when distillate production is your priority.

Displace Not Disperse
CSC is a one-of-a-kind technology that displaces harmful ammonium chloride and amine hydrochloride salts. Instead of dispersing or moving these salts somewhere else, which alternative technologies in the market do, CSC creates a non-fouling, non-corrosive liquid salt. The benefits are far-reaching.

Far-Reaching Benefits
Here are the key benefits this unequaled technology can provide:

Fouling & corrosion control to improve throughput and reliability
Increase revenue due to extended run times and improved asset capability
No unplanned down time to water wash your tower
CSC provides immediate performance feedback so there is no need for extended or lengthy trials
CSC helps manage salting as tower top temperatures are lowered so you can maximize distillate production
Leverage existing injection points in many cases
Get expert support directly from Athlon Solutions’ Engineering & Technical Support team

CSC Webinar

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