Bayport Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant 4 colorIn 2017, we completed construction of our own pilot plant at the Bayport site. The plant, which went live in the fall, allows our team to better bridge the benchtop development of products to manufacturing. The benefits are far-reaching for us and our customers.

The pilot plant is a fully automated alkoxylation reactor system with the ability to manage a broad set of chemistries. The pilot plant allows us to examine all aspects of a process before commercialization at our own site and not a customer’s, where there is a costly risk of downtime and/or reduced throughput. Key analysis includes reviewing process parameters, product quality, yield, cost estimates, and safety and risk management.

Enhanced Capabilities
The investment resulted in our ability to:

Develop and demonstrate new products and processes (and improve existing ones)
Troubleshoot product and batch issues
Perform small-scale production for customers
Prepare quantities for field tests and trials at customer sites
Improve customer revenue and profitability

To learn more, contact us at or (713) 457-2261.