Scavengers to Manage H2S in Flare

Learn about Athlon Solutions’ service-focused, effective, and efficient approach to reducing H2S content in flares to comply with EPA regulations.

Regulation Details

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for Petroleum Refineries, Subpart Ja requires refiners to monitor and limit the amount of H2S in fuel gases. Non-compliance will result in costly penalties.

Who is Impacted?

U.S. refineries are impacted by the regulation. Levels of impact are undetermined.

How to Comply?

Operators can spend significant capital to remove sulfur from processing units for a situation that isn’t fully defined, or choose a more affordable approach and implement an effective H2S management program. Athlon Solutions can review H2S management options with you.

Benefits of an H2S Scavenger Management Program?

Athlon Solutions’ customized H2S scavenger management programs are an economical way for refiners to exceed EPA compliance expectations, maximize performance, and maintain asset integrity. Take advantage of proven experience and a service-focused approach by partnering with Athlon Solutions.

Key Benefits

Comply with EPA Regulations
Mitigate Risk
Avoid Capital Expenditures
Minimize Operational Downtime
Maximize Profitability
Deliver a Service-Focused Solution

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